Company Incorporation


Company Incorporation

Undertaking all incorporation procedures from extracting commercial register, tax card and company bulletin
to performing all primary & final feasibility studies.


Feasibility Study plays a major role in the success of any
business. It focuses on the longer term and its main value is as input into a company’s business strategy.


At Farouk Kozman& Co., We do the study with the general following steps:


The Business & Business Strategy
What the business are, what environment it will be Working in, what strategy it will use and how the location will affect its success


The Market


What the industry looks like today and into the future,
who will purchase the products and what the projected
supply of needed inputs.




What are possible current and future competitors and their locations, products, size, history and customer perceptions.




Who will work and run the business and what are their qualifications. What will they bring to the business




What are all the possible costs? What is the worst case scenario, the break even and the income statement.